Summer Party Time Dresses

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It is hard to believe that the summer is already drawing to an end. Soon we will start to feel a nip in the air again.

Fortunately, that is not going to happen for a few weeks, so the chances are you will be invited to at least one more outdoor party, before season is over. Giving you a chance to treat yourself to a new dress.

This year, the choice of party dresses is fantastic. There really is something for everyone. Here is our roundup of our favourites.

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Fringe dresses

If you are looking for something fun, and zany, a fringe dress may be just the thing. Now we know that the idea of tassels is not going to appeal to everyone, but it is actually a look that really works.

There are also single colour versions available. These are a bit more muted, but they look very classy, especially if you go for one in black. This type of fringe dress is ideal for an evening party, or a dinner date.

Vintage style party dresses

Vintage style dresses are always popular with our readers, which is why we were pleased to see several designers providing this style of dress, this year. It does not really matter which era you like you can find something suitable. However, the emphasis has shifted a bit away from 40s and 50s style dresses. This year, several designers have opted to go for the 60s look, and we can definitely confirm that the 70s is back.

If you are attending a themed, or fancy dress, party these vintage style dresses are a great option. All you need to do is to add the right accessories to create an instant look, that will turn heads and impress.

A stripy number

Stripes are another favourite with our readers. These dresses are smart, flattering and a bit cheeky, all at the same time. Plus, they go with practically any type of accessory. However, we would say that this year’s collection of stripy dresses is mainly designed for casual parties. This is because they are mostly made from soft jersey and cut in the T-shirt style. As a result, most of them would not work well for a formal party, or event.

Wrap dresses

If you are looking for a great way to accentuate your feminine curves, a wrap dress is ideal. These dresses are cinched at the waist, but because the waistband is located an inch or two under the waistline, it creates a flattering look.

The location of the band accentuates the upper body, and helps to lift the bust. Usually there is a pleat or two built into the waistband, which means that the skirt floats slightly away from the belly area producing a smoother silhouette.

The other great thing about this type of dress is the freedom of movement you get. Dancing all night is definitely not going to be a problem in a wrap dress.

For more information about working out which of these styles is likely to work best for you, please take a look at this informative article.