February Favourites – What to spend your pay-cheque on this month

collectif spring 2

OK, so spring is officially around the corner, so we wanted to fill our February favourites with some gorgeous spring-style dresses that are going to brighten up your wardrobe.

Collectif picks… 

Their new spring collection is simply perfection. Any dress with a mermaid print on is right up our street – and we also adore the kind of ‘china tea-cup’ design on the two blue dresses.

collectif spring 2 collectif spring

Lady Voluptuous 

Designed by super curvy blogger Georgina Horne, we’re loving the new short-sleeved Lyra dresses (already a firm favourite of ours!) but we’re also loving these casual floral dresses too. Perfect for picnics and shopping in the sunshine.

floral lady v london FotorCreated

From Evans… (Because Spring isn’t always sunny!) 

Because spring isn’t always full of sunshine (hello April showers!) we had to include these adorable wellies from Evans. Perfect for wider thighs, these are just cute cute cute.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 15.56.38