5 Affordable Plus-Size Brands You Won’t Need to Wait Until Payday to Shop at.

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Picture this…. It’s mid-January. There’s still another week until pay day. But you really need new clothes.

Sucks, right?

Don’t panic! Here are 5 gorgeous plus-size brands that won’t break the January-bank. And might even leave you enough for some cocktails (or new shoes) afterwards.

Boohoo Plus

Awesome for basics and everyday pieces – and most of it is under £30. Yay! Also check out the new range by Nadia – so perfect!


ASOS Curve

ASOS Curve does have some bank breaking items – but they have some serious bargains too. Especially at the moment (hello January reductions…).

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Violeta by Mango

Offering some high-quality but low-price items, this is a great place to look for classic shapes and elegant styles.

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Pink Clove

With Primark prices, this is every bargain hunters dream. You’ll find lovely basic, everyday pieces along with some gorgeous dresses and going-out outfits. Love!

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Forever 21+

They’re known for their affordable prices – and the plus size range is no different!

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