Plus Size Looks that Are Great for a Wedding

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There is always great company and good food to enjoy at weddings, and they make for some of the funnest days and evenings imaginable. With all the photos, and the dancing, it’s always a great time! Plus, if you are lucky, the chance to dance the night away to great live music provided by Vibetown wedding band.


When you go to a wedding, you want to look good. It is a special occasion and a chance to splash the cash, to treat yourself to something that you would not normally wear.


Buy from a proper plus size clothing designer


The best way to look great is to treat yourself to a dress from a specialist plus size retailer, who make beautiful (and quality) dresses you can wear and be proud of. If you’re a guest (and not a bride) our favourites include Lady V London, Collectif, Pin Up Girl Clothing and Kiyonna. If yu’re the bride, then check out David’s Bridal – who has a beautiful range of plus size dresses. 


Build on what you know and like


If there is a particular dress that you already own and like, use that to help you to find a great wedding outfit. Go back to where you bought it and see if they have something similar, but a bit more glamorous.


If they no longer sell that style, do not give up on the idea. Consider getting something similar made for you.

Just be careful to use a tailor or seamstress that you already know and trust. In all likelihood, the fabric you choose for your wedding outfit will not be cheap, so you want to use someone that you know has the necessary skills to produce exactly what you are looking for.


A touch of luxury and colour

Try to find something in richer colours than you would normally wear. Look for high quality, rich and luxurious fabrics.


If you cannot find exactly what you want, go for a plain dress that fits you well, and use it as a base for your outfit. Adding a nice jacket, shrug or wrap will transform it.


Great accessories


How you accessorise your outfit is important. Adding matching shoes, a handbag, and maybe a hat or fascinator, makes a big difference to your overall look.

You want to be able to enjoy a dance, so do not forget to wear them in well, prior to the wedding. Wearing them around the house for a few weeks will make all the difference. Everyone’s feet swell during the day, so it makes sense to go shoe shopping late in the day.


Hair and makeup


Consider changing your hair and makeup to fit in better with your special outfit. We all get in a rut with our look, so a wedding is a chance to change things up a bit and try something new. Just remember to have a dry run to make sure that you have the details right. Practice your new makeup and hair routine, this will make it easy to get your look just right on the day.