Your guide to bridal necklines and dress-shapes

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If you’re recently engaged and you’ve only just started your wedding dress search – we have something you’re going to be eternally grateful for… a complete guide to wedding dress shapes and bridal necklines.

We know, it’s awesome. You’re welcome.

Most women tend to know the shapes and cut they suit, but most of us wouldn’t know the official name for them if someone asked us. And no, saying ‘It’s kind of scoopy with a pointy dip in the middle’ won’t cut it! 

wedding dress neckline guide

The Bateau neck above (far left) is kind of classic wedding (think of the dress the modelling lady wore in the parent-trap movie). It’s great for smaller busted ladies as it helps balance out the bust and hips. Another favourite from the row above has to be the illusion neckline. The illusion is a way for big busted ladies to have the strapless feel, without actually going strapless. Bonus!

wedding dress neckline guide

We think the Queen-Anne neckline above would look stunning in lace – with an open back… so that’s definitely a design to look out for. Some classic shapes on that row too, such as the halter and halter strap – a staple for most bridal boutiques. wedding dress neckline guide

On this row we have some absolute classic style, such as the sweetheart and semi-sweetheart. These are both really flattering on plus-size brides, as they add a bit more fit to what could otherwise drown your shape. Also, a bit of cleavage never hurt anyone!

wedding dress neckline guide wedding dress neckline guide

Which dress shape did you go for on your wedding day? Or which are you planning?