Steal her Style – Fashion Blogger, Danielle Vanier

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Our last ‘Steal her Style’ post went down so well – we’ve got another one ready and waiting! This time it’s the gorgeous Danielle Vanier – an amazing quirky, stylish blogger from the UK.

Danielle balances urban style and almost masculine-shapes, with girly, fun accessories and unique pieces. Here are some of our favourite looks that we’ve seen her in, but don’t forget you can always check out her blog or Instagram for even more style inspiration!

Editor’s Note: Danielle has the best taste in make-up too – so if you’re into the beauty side of things, you’ll love her Instagram feed even more! 

Let’s start with some monochrome magic! We adore the simplicity of this outfit, with the bright pink lip to brighten it up. Cute!


Another perfect example of wearing monochrome, this time with a more natural palette of make-up.



Now onto a more dressed-up monochrome look! These two looks would be perfect for any date-night. Or you know, if you just want to get super dressed up for no reason. Nothing wrong with that ladies!

Again, just loving the little pops of colour – the red / pink lips and the bright nails – almost act as an accessory themselves!


Danielle isn’t just about black and white though – this girl rocks colour like no other! Here are some of our favourite colourful looks!





Here are our top tips for stealing Danielle’s style:

– Don’t be afraid of a bright lip – or lipstick in general. Danielle seems to have a huge collection of lipsticks, so arrange a trip to Mac and go crazy!

–  Patterns are your friend – Danielle is rocking some seriously amazing patterns in loads of these photos, so never be too nervous to try out a bright print or detailed pattern.

– Mix and match – Danielle is always mixing and matching different textures and styles. In some photos the outfit will be quite a masculine-style, but she’ll throw in a super feminine accessory just to balance it out.