How to Avoid Emotional Eating Triggers

Emotional eaters can find it extremely difficult to give up their food cravings, especially when they have not been given any advice or helpful tips. Avoiding emotional eating triggers is important because our relationship with food should be something positive and good – rather than negative.
Image credit:La Melodie
Emotional eating relates to consuming different types of food for reasons which are nothing to do with satisfying hunger. These include using food for comfort, de-stressing, and feeling better.One of the many negative aspects of stress is that when it is long-term, it results in high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. This activates cravings for foods which are high-fat, sweet and salty, namely the ones which make us feel good and give us an energy surge. By changing your mindset to a more positive drive, and only have a snack involving fruit or vegetable sticks, you can feel a lift without the detrimental consequences.

Tip Number 1: Identify your triggers

The first positive thing you can do to balance your eating habits is to think about the triggers that make you eat outside normal meal and snack times. For example, is it a stressful situation which is causing it? This could be a financial worry, a problem at work, being unemployed, or difficulties and traumas with a relationship or the family.

Tip Number 2: Finding Other Ways to Avoid Emotional Triggers

Emotional eating can become ingrained into our daily lives until we take decisive action to make beneficial changes. These include finding emotional fulfillment from other pleasures. For example: If you are feeling bored at a certain point each day, find a new hobby such as: going for a walk, cycling on a stationary bicycle, reading about something which interests you on the internet, reading a book from the library, watching a funny/uplifting film, or doing something artistic such as home crafts, woodworking, playing an instrument, and so on.

Tip Number 3: Things to Do in a Trigger Moment

At times when you are desperate to eat something just to satisfy your emotional needs, try lying down for 10 minutes with a damp compress containing a couple of drops of lavender essential oil; this has been shown to work wonders for the emotions, and once you get up you may have lost your food craving. Another option is to do a few yoga stretches while taking deep breaths. Do this by standing up and raising your arms high in the air so that your fingertips are pointing to the ceiling. As you move them up take a long breath as you count to twenty, and then breathe out as you lower your arms.