A note from the editor

Hello ladies!

We are very proudly, one of the world’s first purely plus-size online lifestyle magazines. I want Plus Magazine to be a place where plus-size women can find inspiring, exciting news and content that is tailored to their body-type.

Plus Magazine was created because (as a plus-size lady myself) I noticed that there wasn’t one single place or publication I could go to for all my plus-size fashion and lifestyle fix. I would be reading other publications knowing if I clicked on a fashion feature it would likely feature brands who only went up to a size 12 or 14. Which wasn’t really relevant to myself or my body shape, as a size 16-18.

Instead, I was jumping between all my favourite bloggers and brands – and I would have to trawl through my favourite online shops to see if they had any new products or news. It crossed my mind a few times, that wouldn’t it be awesome, if I could find all that stuff in one place? So I made it, and here it is.

Here you’ll find content tailored specifically for plus-size figures (fashion news, blogger inspiration and wedding inspiration) as well as more general lifestyle pieces too (such as travel, thought-pieces and fitness).

One thing I also want to make clear, is that this website isn’t about ‘skinny-shaming’ or bashing any other type of body-shape, and that won’t be accepted on the site. It’s simply a place where features are more tailored towards plus-size women.

We all have bodies, they’re all fabulous – let’s just be nice to each other and share the love! 

This is a positive community, and we want women to feel confident getting involved with the discussion. Got a brand you’d like featured? Or think we’re missing out on an amazing blogger? Drop me an email or tweet and let me know!

I hope you love reading the content we have on PM and I look forward to seeing the community grow,

The Editor x

Want to get in touch? Drop me an email: theplusmagazine@gmail.com